Staff Applications:

Regarding your application: Do not bug staff about your application or ask if they've seen it. Your application will recieve a response when staff have had a chance to review it and come to a decision. Please be patient.


Helper: This position consists of helping players in game and on the discord by answering questions, settling disputes, and dealing with players disobeying the rules in a calm and respectful way. Moderator and other positions above this one come from promotions from Helper. Interested in applying? Apply here.

BuilderThis position is for experienced builders that can offer a lot of time to the server and dedicate themselves to building things for it. They will have much less time to play regularly on the server, as they will be preparing things for the server and it's players. To get this position you need to be able to work well with others and be able to handle constructive criticism. Interested in applying? Apply here.