Welcome! You are here to get Information and Rules I assume?
Made by TwinkiePiee, FinTheGrand and xBunnny

Phase 1

Starting Now to December 15th if you would like to take part, you must participate in both phases. Grab a book that is to the right of the Phase 1 information board and make sure you put your IGN, Gender and Wishlist. After you finish, make sure to sign the book and place it in the hopper. Once you are done with that you just have to wait till the 15th for Phase 2 to start.

Phase 2
From December 15th to the 31st this is where Phase 2 will start. Press the button on the dispenser to receive a random book that a player has made. If you get the book that you signed, please let TwinkiePiee know. Only take 1 book, no more no less. After you get a book read it and see their wishlist. Try your very best to get the items on the wishlist if you can. If you can not that is perfectly fine, get them something else. Remember that not everyone can get what they want, but something is better is nothing. After you gather the items for the player place the items in one of the unclaimed chests. Lock the chest by doing /lock and then /cmodify [playername] to add the person you are giving the gifts to. Place a sign on the chest with their ign so they know which chest to go to. Then thats it for Phase 2. Make sure to wait for your present to pop up and always check till the 31st if your present is there. If its not then let TwinkiePiee know.